2nd edition of the Safety & Security Summit (E3S) takes place in London on 30th of October

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The second edition of the Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S) takes place in London on 30 October, and the conference agenda is now live. E3S is dedicated to safety and security in the live events industry and brings together leading venues; festivals; touring professionals; and security experts from around the world.

The day begins with a Welcome Address by Met Police deputy commissioner Luci D’Orsi, and panel topics range from comparing lessons learnt in other industries (such as the World Cup and Olympic Games), to the development of an international safety culture and new initiatives driving best practice in the industry.

Presentation topics include high footfall screeningemergency communicationfacial recognition, prioritizing risk, integrated safety & security planning, dynamic lockdown procedures, group psychology and more.

E3S is organised by ILMC, in partnership with various industry bodies including the NAA and European Arena Association. EAA chair Peter van der Veer says: “E3S is an important platform for the whole live event market and should be in the calendar of anyone who is involved in safety and security of shows and other live events.”

The full conference schedule is on the E3S website here.

ELMA Initiative partners can claim a 10% discount on the price of a registration. To access this discount, enter the code E3S10DISC on the registration page.

For more information, please contact e3s@ilmc.com, or call +44 (0)203 743 0301.