Concert Organizer Association wins lawsuit against the ticket market platform Ticketbande

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The district court of Hannover decides in the process of the resale prices of concert tickets in favor of the Federal Association of Concert and Event Management i.G. (BDKV). Lawyers see in the new judgment a right step against overpriced secondary market offers.

The district court Hannover designates the sale of tickets for concert tickets at a price of more than 25 percent above the normal price in its judgment of January 21, 2019 as anti-competitive. The judgment applies to tickets with a resale prohibition clause and a blank line for the registration of the cardholder’s name.

The cartel senate of the regional court Hanover confirmed thereby the doubts of the BDKV at the legality of the offer of the ticket wide offer Ticketbande.

The prohibition is effective irrespective of whether or not the empty line on the ticket has been completed by the holder. Furthermore, it does not matter if the name imprint is checked and enforced on entry.

Decisive step

Attorney Dr. Johannes Ulbricht of the law office Michow and Ulbricht led the procedure for the BDKV. According to his assessment, the verdict eliminates a crucial gray area when buying tickets:

“The latest ruling brings the organizers a long way in the fight against the commercial ticket far-market trade.In the case of a violation of the resale ban, the secondary market platform itself is fully liable, and can not rely on a fault of the seller.”

In the summer of 2018, the Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry (bdv at that time) presented its campaign “NO to the ticket black market”. The association stated that it was determined to continue its fight against the overpriced resale of tickets.